No high fence hunting. No 4-wheelers. No cushy outfitter lodges.  We’re hiking, camping, and hunting public land, processing game ourselves, and documenting it all to help show what DIY hunting really is.

We don’t care about trophy scores or limiting out every hunt, it’s about the hard work and preparation going into the hunt and the experience whether successful or not.

That moment when hunting takes on the exhaustion of a cycling stage race and tactics of a chess match, that’s what I live for. -Kurt

Hunting and eating wild game is a necessary part of this world’s existence. Humans are predators, and without hunting, there would exist an imbalance in nature as our own growth as a species has impacted the landscape more than we are often willing to admit.

Society today is ever-evolving, and along with it, the face of the American hunter.  At the forefront of the revitalization of the American hunter appears to be a segment of the population that rarely before showed interest in the culture and tradition.

We are the next generation of hunters.